Healthy Curb - Success Stories


"Appetite is diminished comfortably without the feeling of hunger and weight loss occurs when taking Healthy Curb. It is also safe and well tolerated, therefore I choose to recommend Healthy Curb to my patients."  


Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, M.D., is medical director of the Tustin Longevity Center in Tustin, California. She is guest faculty member of Capitol University of integrative Medicine and a graduate of The Chicago Medical School/University of Health Science. She holds a second doctorate in integrative medicine focusing on health at the cellular level.



"All I can say is WOW! Healthy Curb was the help I needed to curb my appetite. I was used to exercising and going to the gym but still ate too much. Dieting never worked because I always felt out of energy.

I don't know how it works but Healthy Curb gave me energy and curbed my appetite. Look at me now!." Eric O., Los Angeles, CA




"I find that Healthy Curb helps my patients lose weight at a safe and consistent level. This helps people to avoid getting depressed about the failure of their diets. As we know, diets typically fail because they often create side effects and make you feel uncomfortable.

Healthy Curb has a revolutionary technology that resets hunger hormones so you eat less and avoid the bloated feeling. I've had patients who weighed over 300 pounds achieve radical results with Healthy Curb. Read more about how this amazing product works." Dr. Stephen Rosenblatt, MD., PhD, Los Angeles, CA




One of the people to first use Healthy Curb was Rob Fielding, the Worldwide Sales Coordinator for Nutritional Therapeutics, the manufacturer of NT Factor. In May of 2007, Rob’s weight was approximately 370 pounds. He reported for work on Monday morning after a weekend of taking Healthy Curb, and stated that his appetite had been dramatically reduced.

The following month, Dr. Rosenblatt’s clinic tested Healthy Curb on his patients, and it was clear that Healthy Curb was the product of choice. Some patients who were resistant to other weight management programs began experiencing success. Rob lost his first 20 plus pounds, and based on a formal survey conducted by Sierra Productions of Irvine, CA there was concrete evidence that consumers were experiencing a decrease in appetite the first day, and the appetite reduction became stronger as people continued to use Healthy Curb.

By the end of the 2007 (in just 7 months) Robert had lost more than 65 pounds. That’s an average weight loss of 12 pounds per month. And Rob began to see a change in his eating habits… less refined sugars and carbohydrates by choice. It was just as Dr. Rosenblatt suspected!

By Spring of 2008, less than one year after starting Healthy Curb Rob has lost more than 100 pounds and is still losing. In the last month currently recorded, March, 2008, Robert lost an additional 7 pounds despite a weeklong trans-country trip. 



"A few months ago I started taking Healthy Curb because nothing else I tried worked. As an avid runner, I couldn't risk polluting my body with unnecessary stimulants and additives just to lose weight. Within weeks after taking Healthy Curb I started losing weight, first five, then ten and now fifteen pounds and I'm still losing. I can honestly recommend this product to anyone interested in dropping pounds safely and effectively." Jennifer R., Bohemia, NY

"I am a 50 year old woman who has been doing cardio for over 15 years. The past 2 years I began weight training with a trainer in which I did see good muscle development. I always had a problem mid-section even with abdominal exercise and good eating habits. The results have been minimal. Sometime back in November of 2007 my trainer introduced Healthy Curb to me. I have been taking this product religiously every day since then. The results are amazing. Along with absolutely no side effects Healthy Curb helps suppress my appetite and gives me lots of energy throughout the day. As a result, in a  very short period of time I have watched my midsection begin to shrink quite a bit and have gone down a few belt sizes.

In conclusion I must say that your product is truly phenomenal and I intend to continue using it as a part of my daily routine as well and introducing it to friends and family" Debra Z, Smithtown, NY

"How unusual to find a product that actually does what it claims. Healthy Curb decreases my appetite when I take it before a meal. Better yet, I take it at night. I lose my desire for a pre-bedtime snack." Jamie M, Melville, NY

"Just wanted to let you know of the success I am having with your Healthy Curb product and to pass along my gratitude for making such a wonderful product. I had heard about it for several months, but I just never made the commitment to myself to use it until a couple of weeks ago. I am very happy I did! At the beginning of the year, my doctor put me on a 2500 calorie diet so I could lose some weight. I tried to follow this plan, but I was not losing anything because I could not stick to it due to constantly being hungry. I incorporated the Healthy Curb into my eating routine, and my appetite has substantially subsided. I am easily following a 1700 calorie diet plan now thanks to Healthy Curb. I have lost 17lbs in my first two weeks. my body is feeling much healthier and I look forward to purchasing a new wardrobe. I still have a long way to go. With Healthy Curb as a part of my plan I have the confidence that I will be able to stick with my healthier eating plan and will reach my weight goal." Byron B, Prairieville, LA

"I used the Healthy Curb product which is powered by NTFactor for a four-week weight loss contest at my place of employment which is a middle school. We called our contest "The Biggest Loser". I am fortunate to say that with the help of Healthy Curb I was the "Biggest Loser". In those four short weeks, I lost nine pounds. The only food products I cut out of my diet were diet colas, and let me tell you, I do not have the best diet in the world. The competition at my school was stiff but I believe the difference for me was using Healthy Curb. I still continue to use Healthy Curb and continue to lose weight. Healthy Curb has given me a jump-start on weight loss, and it has motivated me to exercise on a regular basis which is only increasing my weight loss. I am a firm believer in Healthy Curb and I trust this product because it is made with all natural ingredients. I do not have concerns about my health by using this product, except for the healthy benefits I have seen and continue to see." Joseph William C., Columbia, SC

"I work in the supplement industry and Healthy Curb is one of the few non-stimulant products that I continually receive positive feedback from clients. It is also one of the few weight management products that I have personally taken myself and witnessed fascinating results. It has helped me control my overall intake of sugar-based products and I have seen consistent and steady results in weight loss. The product helps control those cravings that challenge all of our daily diets. I would suggest Healthy Curb to all my customers. healthy Curb to a Healthy Lifestyle." David O., Bethpage, NY