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Dr. Steven Rosenblatt, MD, Ph.D., holds degrees in medicine, psychology, and oriental medicine, and has authored several research articles published in peer-reviewed journals. He was first a scientific researcher for UCLA, then went on to get his acupuncture degree, and then his medical degree.

Dr. Rosenblatt is an expert in the area of weight loss, having authored the internationally recognized book, “The Starch Blocker Diet” and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs as a leading authority on complementary medicine.  He is board certified in Family Practice, and has two very busy clinical medical practices in Los Angeles.

Dr. Rosenblatt has served as Director of the Complementary Medicine Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and was appointed to the Medical Advisory Commission for the 1985 Olympic Games.


Nutritional Therapeutics is a manufacturer of clinically proven nutritional supplements with the singular focus of improving quality of life. Our products have been extensively researched and shown to provide substantial improvements in various health conditions.


NTI is the manufacturer of a wide range of nutritional products including Propax, NT Factor, Healthy Aging and of course, Healthy Curb™. Our complete product catalog can be found at www.ntfactor.com

NTI's revolutionary NT Factor ingredient makes the supplements work more effectively providing energy and restorative properties to our cells. This technology (Lipid Replacement Therapy) is a breakthrough in cellular medicine. It has been reviewed in over 25 medical journals and shown to be a successful energizer and age fighter in 5 clinical trials including UCLA, Henry Ford Hospital, Tustin Longevity Center and The Institute for Molecular Medicine.

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